An outgoing, funny, light-hearted young man, Albert loved being the center of attention.


Albert Anthony Kayal, born October 20,1977, was the second child to George and Fadia Kayal of Wayne, NJ. He had an older sister, Sandra, and a younger sister, Michele.


An outgoing, funny, light-hearted young man, Albert loved being the center of attention. He was always making jokes to whoever was around him, just to see them smile or to make them laugh.  Albert was a loving man who enjoyed spending quality time with his immediate and extended family whenever possible. Playing poker, listening to music and dancing, and always being surrounded by loved ones was how he spent his time. He had a taste for all the finer things in life. He loved his jewelry and admired fancy cars. Everything he owned had to have diamonds in it. He loved classic movies like “The Godfather” and “Rounders”, and quoted them frequently, among other movies.  He also loved to make people laugh by imitating funny accents. He just loved to be an entertainer; and he was, a natural entertainer.


Albert was a man of honor and loyalty who was always there for friends and family in need. Even new friends along the way would comment on how he was there when needed most. Growing up in a loving home with his parents and siblings, he was always happy, smiling, laughing, and having a great time, while at the same time being dedicated to the people he loved. He was the light of his family with a strong and unmistakable presence.  He didn’t take life for granted. He really lived life fully and thanked God for every day.

Starting in high school, Albert battled addiction, and it continued on and off for the rest of his life. He lost his battle on November 18, 2010. A wife, daughter, parents and sisters survive him.

Taking that first drug was something Albert wished he had never done. He was “the new kid” at school just looking to make friends. Desperate to fit in, he succumbed to doing drugs with the “popular” kids to be “cool”.  He always mentioned how he wished he had been stronger and more confident and didn’t cave into the temptation. After getting himself help, he wanted to help others in need. He wanted others to say “NO” and not fall victim to the pressure he felt at a young age.

It is with hope that his Foundation passes on Albert’s message, to honor him. The foundation is dedicated to educating middle and high school young adults to make healthy choices, which will ultimately affect the rest of their lives.

Albert’s family misses him with each passing day. The Foundation will keep his memory alive, as we strive to reach our youth.  Please think of Albert, and just say “NO” to drugs.