Marc Mero’s B.A.D.D. Champion of Choices Tour

October 30, 2017

Marc Mero, and his B.A.D.D. Champion of Choices Tour was held at Schuyler Colfax Middle School, George Washington Middle School, and Anthony Wayne Middle School on October 30, 2017 to the 7th and 8th graders. He was absolutely phenomenal, and made a big impact on the students, faculty, and parents who saw him present.

Marc Mero backstage after his life changing presentation at George Washington Middle School.

Marc Mero backstage after his life changing presentation at George Washington Middle School.

Here is are a few things the parents, students, and faculty had to say after Marc's Presentation:


I just want to THANK YOU on behalf of all our children at Anthony Wayne Middle School in Wane NJ, Mr. Marc Mero, after hearing from some of the kids I just want [Marc] to know [HE] MADE A DIFFERENCE in their lives! [He was] a very touching speaker who brought tears to almost every child listening... thank you [Marc] for your inspiring motivational speech to all.
— Joie M.
My son came home and told us all how amazing and motivating [Marc’s] presentation was. Thank you! He also offered to play with his “annoying” little brother and gets what my husband and I always tell him; Treat each day as if it is your last.
— Hallie W.


I just wanted to say that [Marc] absolutely changed my perspective on life... I see a lot of my friends treating other people badly. After I heard [Marc’s] words I will stand up to them and not be a follower.
— Cheryl L.
I walked out those doors today and I felt like a different person. I have been bullied multiple times and it really made me feel like garbage and realizing what [Marc has] been through and how [he] helped so many kids today.
— Jonathan S.
I just want to say thank you [Marc] for your presentation, it really made me re-think how I treat my family. I’m promising to myself that I will be nicer to my sister, and I probably wouldn’t be able to do that without your help. I’m trying to treat every minute together like it is my last.
— Madelyn A.
[Marc,] thanks so much for coming to our school today, what you said was really inspirational and moving, my uncle died of drug overdose and this was just an extra reminder of the horrible affects from drugs and why you should never do them, thank you!
— Emily F.
After [Marc’s] presentation I realized I should never take drugs, get drunk and smoke. Even before [his] beautiful presentation I knew I would never but [Marc] made sure that I won’t.
— Chris W.

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